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Hajj GPS Watch for Hajj 2017

Are you planning to go Saudi Arabia for this year’s Hajj? If your answer is yes, you might want to look into the past and see how many people lost their lives during the Hajj stampedes. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world lost their family’s whereabouts during the stampede. In such a huge crowd (nearly millions) of people, it’s contrary to track someone who is lost in that crowd.

Let’s see how Hajj looks like!

The below image displays a relatively small crowd during Hajj.


Now have a look at the actual crowd situation during Hajj.


hajj huge crowd

This could be the scenario of Hajj 2017 which is approaching in a few months.

Now imagine your loved ones getting lost somewhere between this crowd.

Sounds Terrible! Right?

But what if you can track your family’s whereabouts in a crowd of millions? Well, Safehajj makes that easy for you by introducing a GPS Tracking watch specifically designed for you and your family’s safety during Hajj and Umrah.

hajj gps watch

Hajj 2017 is supposed to be safe and secure for pilgrims from worldwide. Let’s have a look at the safety features of this Hajj Safety Watch.

One of the major steps to be taken before going to Hajj is to ensure that your loved ones are in your surrounding area. And this GPS Watch allows you to set a geofence area. Let’s say 500 meters around you. So if the person wearing the watch crosses those 500 meters, you will be immediately notified in your mobile app that the person has left the geofence area. One could never get lost with the help of this feature.

As you know during Hajj and Umrah, there are regular movements of pilgrims, and one has higher chances to be lost in the crowd. Keeping this in mind, the real-time tracking feature serves on the best safety feature to track the person wearing the watch in the real-time. And the best part of real-time tracking feature is the network automatically switches to one communication mode to other when one is not available.

Let’s have a look at the process of real-time tracking!

The person wearing this GPS Watch moves from one place to another (Let’s say from Point A to Point B). The real-time location of that person will be displayed on the app installed in the another person’s cell-phone (who is tracking the real-time location of the person wearing the device).

This app used to track the real-time location is called amber360, which is available on Android, IOS, and browser-based platforms, where you can track all the devices connected to this app.

When lost in the Hajj crowd, if the person wearing this GPS Watch tends to make an emergency call, the SOS button embedded right in front of the watch will assist them to do so. The Two-Way communication might be one of the best features of this device.

And the SOS button will not just place the call to the stored emergency number, but will also send the location coordinates to that number in the form of a text message.

Hajj 2017 is supposed to be huge. Pilgrims from all over the world are looking to gather in the Holy Mecca. To ensure their safety is one of the Safehajj’s primary intent.

Have a look at the below infographic to know what else this Hajj GPS Watch has to offer!

Hajj Safety Watch

According to the Hajj Policy 2016, the Hajj monitoring system has below services to provide

  • Hajj helpline for responding to inquiries, complaints, etc.
  • An Android application named “Pak Hajj Moavin.”
  • Mobile SMS service for information dissemination.
  • Android application for complaint registration.
  • On-line complaint registration portal.
  • Hajj monitoring system along with a dashboard for official supervisions.

Adding to it, this GPS Watch could serve so many great features to ensure complete safety to all the pilgrims.

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